CalculiX coupling Restart mode

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Hi Kyle and Benjamin,
I have installed ccx 2.10 and its corresponding adapter. After I added the restart like normal ccx settings, it worked and there is rout file generated. Many thanks!
Best regards,

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Hi Yang

There are a few things in order to do a restart. The most important is timestep and total simulation time. There is a problem in CalculiX that if the simulation crashes before ending, it doesn't write an output file ( the output file will be the name of your .inp file followed by .rout instead). To fix that for now, if you already know where the simulation needs to be restarted from, you can set it to end there and write an output file. As an example:

If my time step is 1 second, and I want to restart from 10 seconds into the simulation, my .inp file will have:

Therefore my simulation will run with a timestep of 1 second until 10 seconds. After this you will also need to change your preCICE configuration file. In this example, there are 10 time steps in total, therefore the <max-timesteps value="10" /> in the coupling scheme in the configuration file needs to be set. What this setup does is run the simulation for 10 timesteps, ends and writes an output file. Copy the output file and save it as a .rin file (literally just change .rout to .rin) I suggest doing this in a new folder so you don't overwrite any data.

Now, for the restart, your .inp file must read:

You can ignore the *INCLUDE,*MATERIAL and those parameters as it is saved in the .rin file. Once again, if another restart is required after this, the same procedure above is needed. I know its a hassle for a work around, I just haven't been able to fix it yet.

I have also had some internal problems with CalculiX v2.13 not writing the .rout file, so I have been using 2.10. If this problem still persists, you can always send your .inp file and config file that I can look at. Otherwise I have the adapter in v2.10.


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Dear all,
I am recently doing FSI simulations using DYNAMIC keyword in CalculiX CCX 2.13 Version. I would like to use the restart mode with command *RESTART,WRITE,FREQUENCY within *STEP keyword. But there is no any file named  "jobname.rout" produced. Do you have similar experience, if any please give me some hints. Or is there any other method for restart? Many thanks!
Kind regards,
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